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GOO Smart Car Charger - Le chargeur de voiture connecté

GOO Smart Car Charger - The charger for connected cars

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> Universal charger compatible with all mobile devices
> Plugs into a standard cigarette lighter
> Two reversible USB ports for greater flexibility
> Quick charge for mobile devices
> Compact design for great portability
> No internet connection required
> Compatible with iOS and Android devices 

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[vc_row][vc_column width="1/1"][goo-section-title tag="h2"]The smart charger that locates your car![/goo-section-title][goo-section-p][goo-cms-text-block align="left" textalign="left" cls="column-center"][goo-cms-text-block-img align="right" image_width="50%" image="322"][/goo-cms-text-block-img][goo-cms-text-block-text]

Ultra-fast charging

Effortlessly charge your devices in a flash using the ultra-fast Smart Car Charger.

Compatible with 2.0 – 3.0 USB

The Smart Car Charger is compatible with 2.0 and 3.0 USB connectors so you can connect all your devices.

Reversible USB port

Don't waste any more time plugging in your devices; both of the Smart Car Charger USB ports can be reversed for more flexibility.

Vehicle localisation

It's all too easy to lose sight of your vehicle in a large car park, but with the Smart Car Charger, you can locate your car and find your way back to it in no time at all

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Connect using Bluetooth
Your Smart Car Charger communicates wirelessly with the GOO Car App on your smartphone by activating the Bluetooth function.

Save your parking location
When your Smart Car Charger is connected to the GOO Car App, the location of your vehicle is automatically recorded by your phone's GPS. 

Find your vehicle
Use the App's built-in compass or open the map view to take you to your vehicle.

Track your battery's voltage
When the Smart Car Charger is plugged into your vehicle's cigarette lighter, you can check your battery's voltage using the GOO Car App.

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Data sheet

Polymère 80 mAh
8,1 x 8,1 x 1,6 cm
8,1 cm
8,1 cm
1,6 cm
Application mobile
H BAnd
Norme IP67
21,5 g
iOS 8+ / Android 4.4+
Allume cigare / USB
Titres MKP
Allume cigare connecté recharge tous vos appareil, GOO Smart Car Charger, chargeur intelligent qui localise votre voiture, Bluetooth 4.0, 2 prises USB réversibles, 21 grammes Noir, compatible iOS et Android
Titre MKP
Allume cigare connecté GOO Smart Car Charger
chargeur, charge voiture, recharge téléphone, smartphone, device, tablette, usb, compatible ,voyage connecté, localisation gps, géolocalisation, trouver voiture, application comptabile ios android
Bullet 1
Localise votre voiture
Bullet 2
Recharge votre smartphone
Bullet 3
Ports USB réversibles
Localise votre voiture grâce à l'application
80 mAh

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