• The brand that makes connected
    objects accessible

    GOO is a young brand created by passionate enthusiasts
    on a quest to promote accessibility and sharing.

GOO, a story of
passionate enthusiasts

The company GOO Business was founded in 2014 by a serial entrepreneur with a passion for connected products. The entity GOO Business specialised in the import and export of electronic products for the B2B market. A few months later, the consumer brand GOO was born, with the aim of being an innovative agent for connected objects. The goal: to offer high-tech products that are accessible to everyone. All GOO products are designed by our Paris-based team, made up of men and women with a passion for new technology.


Our values are what drive us and lead GOO in the direction we want to take it. These values are the result of a series of reflections, personal experiences and an interest in the world of connected objects, which is booming. Behind the technology lies the constant challenge of simplifying and making these new, everyday tools accessible. Innovation, quality, aesthetics, sharing and security are just some of the key values upheld by the GOO brand.

Designing tools for
everyday life

When designing its products, GOO takes inspiration from everyday life and how we interact with the objects in our environment. Batteries, smartphones, tablets, connected watches and activity trackers are all designed and tested against this idea of simplicity and accessibility. The development of the world of dedicated applications also constitutes a fundamental concern in maintaining balance in the world of GOO and its community of users, #GOOLife.